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Garden Observatory

After searching around for a while and getting some laughable quotes on observatorys, I decided upon the

Pulsar Observatories 2.2m model.

The base requirements info in the pulsar website is excellent - following that I started on my base build..
With 150mm * 2.4m gravel board and various other pieces of wood in hand - it was time to start..

I chalked out the 2.4m square and decided to round off the facing corner..
Just Started
Created the edging and wondered how to sort out the curve.
Curve sorted and the dig started - through to the clay in no time :(
More digging

Deep enough now - I hope...
Ready for the cement.
Ready for the Cement

The cement was ordered in advance and I couldn't have chosen a worse day... it was 31 degrees Celcius outside and I had to bring it from the front of the house by wheelbarrow. The concrete dried so fast it was impossible to get ot to a decent smoothness after tamping.

A bit of a disappointment, but at least it was level(ish). I may skim it ofter the observatory is in position if it doesn't look too nice.

I think I ordered a tad too much cement.. leaving it out to dry in a thin layer.
Reclaimed the patio.. Why does it rain now?
Tidied up - all ready for the observatory now

September the 8th was the day.. well it should have been the 6th - but that was cancelled due to the weather.

I opted for them to build it as they know what they're doing - and besides - I can't even put a MFI wardrobe together straight.

11:58 - The pieces were being brought through and Gary started on the dome.
12:24 - Dave stood the first wall piece up.
12:38 - All wall pieces up and bolted together (you can also see the pier in there).

13:29 - Dome placed on top of walls.
14:25 - All done.

I can't recommend these guys highly enough - they were polite and took the time to explain all functions of the observatory and also gave me advice about levelling the inside floor a tad more before putting the flooring down.. The level wasn't as good as it could have been (my bad) .
All I had to do all day was make cups of tea.