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A sample of my Astronomy Pictures from 2015.


20 Dec 2015



M35, M36, M52, NGC457, NGC869 & NGC884

All Open Clusters


31 Oct 2015


M57 in monochrome

M15 & M31

Globular Cluster & Andromeda Galaxy


Caldwell 30, M74, M77 & NGC592



NGC1647 & NGC7686



30 Sep 2015

M2, M15 &, M31

2 globular clusters & Andromeda Galaxy

Taken with my new SXV-H9 monochrome camera (bigger image, but in monochrome)



Ring Nebula

Taken with the usual SXV-M7C colour camera (smaller image, but in colour)

10 Aug 2015

Neptune (and Triton) & Uranus

You can see moons for both the planets.


M20 & M57


M31 & M33


M18 & M25


M2,M11 & M30


20 Mar 2015

Partial Solar Eclipse

Timelapse video showing how dark it actually got...

(all images taken at same speed and f-stop)

Eclipse photos

More or less at the maximum of the partial eclipse.

Photos done with my iPhone held up to the telescope eyepiece.

Telescope has a solar filter attached and it was a cloudy day :(


The lonely sun spot re-emerges from behind the moon & the last seconds of the partial eclipse..

07 Mar 2015

M65, M66 & NGC2903



M53 & NGC5466

Globular Clusters


21 Feb 2015

C53, C95, M65 & NGC2905

Spindle Galaxy, Caldwell 95 (I think), One of the Leo Triplets & A barred spiral galaxy



A favourite of mine - the Little Dumbbell Nebula

06 Feb 2015

M1 & M53

The Crab Nebula & a globular cluster


M109 & M51



16 Jan 2015

Comet Lovejoy

These images taken barely minutes apart show how the comet is moving (relatively) quickly in relation to the stars...

If you look carefully enough, you can see a faint tail.


M106, M108 & M109


M34 & M81


NGC4490 & NGC4631

The Cocoon Galaxy & The Whale Galaxy (Caldwell 32)