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A sample of my Astronomy Pictures from 2013.


28 Dec 2013


Jupiter and Uranus

Overexposed images in order to show their moons in one frame.


M50 & M67

Open Clusters


M74, M82 & NGC 2903

A Spiral Galaxy, Cigar Galaxy and another Spiral Galaxy


M1 & M31

Crab Nebula and Andromeda Galaxy


09 Dec 2013

NGC1977, NGC2024 & NGC457

The Running Man Nebula - reflection nebula, Flame Nebula, Owl Cluster - ET Cluster or Caldwell 13


M103 & M52

A couple of open clusters


M33, M74 & M78

Triangulum Galaxy, NGC 628, NGC 2068 Reflection Nebula

It's my first attempt at M78, I intend to get a better picture if the skies ever clear!


14 Aug 2013

Perseids Meteor Shower

Perseid Meteors taken by SLR in Newquay

(First one only just visible at 2 o'clock running alongside a very dim milky way and the second more visible at 9 o'clock)


02 Apr 2013

M100, M96 & NGC3620

Two spiral galaxies and the last elusive member of the Leo Triplet.


M37 , M67, M35 & M36

Just a few clusters.


01 Apr 2013

M104 & M99

Sombrero Galaxy & M99


M63, M65 & M66

M63 and two of the Leo Triplets


M1, M51 & M61

Crab Nebula, Whirlpool Galaxy and M61

(A much better image ofthe Whirlpool Galaxy this time as I didn't have a street light to contend with)


02 Mar 2013

Caldwell 53, M49 & M64

Spindle Galaxy, M49 & Black Eye Galaxy

I really do need to clean my optics as the dust really does intefere with the images now.. but I need to wait until summer.


19 Feb 2013

M101, M106 & M76

Pinwheel Galaxy, M106 Spiral Galaxy & Little Dumbbell Nebula


M48, M67 & M93

M48 Open Cluster, M67 Open Cluster & M93 Open Cluster


17 Feb 2013

M51, M63 & M94

Whirlpool Galaxy, Sunflower Galaxy & Spiral Galaxy


02 Feb 2013

M65, M66 & M78

Two of the Leo Triplets and a reflection nebula.

(Not a great position for these objects as I was looking past a streetlight)



Jupiter with IO's shadow


15 Jan 2013

M81, M82 M97

Bode's Galaxy, Cigar Galaxy & The Owl Nebula

All these are single 240 sec images



Great Orion Nebula

(240 secs and 30 secs)

Although the 240 secs has way over exposed the center of the nebula, there is far more detail in the surrounding areas.