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A sample of my Astronomy Pictures from 2011.


15 Oct 2011

Sun with a couple of sun-spots..

27 Sep 2011


Whirlpool Galaxy (including the supernova)

I had problems removing the hot pixels as there was a lot of stray light due to the position of the galaxy being above a street light.. so they are showing up as artifacts on the images..


Darn satellites... Second image highlights the Supernova



Dumbell Nebula

I like this one

M13 & M2

Herclues Globular Cluster & M2 Globular Cluster


M15 & M92

M15 Globular Cluster & M92 Globular Cluster


Caldwell 14

Just the simple Double Cluster .. well .. part of it

13 Sep 2011


Ring Nebula

This was my first attempt at any photography after getting my observatory.