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Weather Photos

02 Feb 2015

A nice cold night to see a moon halo
The "star" to the left of the moon (within the halo) is actually Jupiter.

19 Jul 2014

Big angry cell - part of the unsettled weather we were having that weekend!

30 mins later..

13 Aug 2013

UK Shaped Cloud!
UK Shaped Cloud

11 May 2013

Some mammatus looking clouds - I was looking forward to a storm, but just got a bit of rain :(
Mammatus-1 Mammatus-2 Lovely double rainbow followed by some mammatus looking clouds!
You can see that the sky inside the rainbow looks brighter than that outside..and also darker between the primary and secondary rainbows.
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Rainbow-1 Rainbow-2

25 Oct 2011

An unusual circular solo thunder cloud!

Cloud-1 Cloud-2