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Storm Chasing...


For my 40th birthday present, my wife bought me a Storm Chasing trip.

Most people thought I must be mad - and they're probably right.. I think the wife just wanted the life insurance payout :P
After doing a lot of googling and reading reviews we chose to go with with Todd Thorn - Storm Chasing Adventure Tours.  (
I chose Todd partially due to price and the late availabilty but also the fact that a lot of the reviews state that he is good, safe and honest.
One comment on his web site that I liked was "Don't come on the tour just to see a tornado, it isn't guaranted - come for the storms"
Another good indication was the comment "We do not stay in run down hotels/motels", this gave me a little hope that we would have some internet connectivity overnight

I didn't set my expectations too high and so I wouldn't be disappointed if I didn't get to see a tornado.

We had an introduction meeting at 6pm on the day before the first chase along with a safety briefing - it was a good introduction to what we will be doing and also who was who.
We all came from different backgrounds, most from the US, but also 3 Brits. There were 18 of us "tourists" on the trip (but only 17 present) along with the 6 guides/drivers, so we filled out 4 SUVs.
Amongst the 6 drivers we had a meteorologist, a meteorology university student, a biology professor and a geologist so we were going to be fed info of all kinds on the daily chases.
Todd was also quite a softly spoken chap - not the bold brash type of person you'd actually associate with this profession.