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Day 4 (02 June 2010)

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Today was a nice late start - 10am, then off to breakfast and on the road at 11:20.
In with Kevin and Ryan today.
The forecast for today is not promising at all so we may just be sight seeing.
Tomorrow will hopefully be better. Time will tell ...

We found a mediocre supercell wannabe that was quite photogenic and had some occasional lightning so we stopped a couple of times to photo that.


The defining moment was when there was a lightning strike about 400 metres away from us - it was best to leave then.

We should really have known that nothing was going to come of this cell as the Vortex 2 team was close..
They have been around 2 years and have not seen a tornado yet. They should have booked with Todd..
PhotogenigCell2 PhotogenigCell2

Only 320 miles covered today (2090 to date).

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