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Garden Birds

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Wimbledon Weekend 2012 (8 July)

A blackbird pair have started visiting us more often now.(The male is photo-shy..)
2012-Wimbledon_Blackbird_1 2012-Wimbledon_Blackbird_2
2012-Wimbledon_Magpie_2 2012-Wimbledon_Magpie_2 2012-Wimbledon_Sparrows

Jubilee Weekend 2012 (3 & 4 June) #2

I managed to picture an even more elusive visitor. Not an uncommon bird by any stretch, but certainly one that doesn't hang around for long..
2012-Jubilee-Misc2_1 2012-Jubilee-Misc2_2 2012-Jubilee-Misc2_3 2012-Jubilee-Misc2_4
And, of course, the usual visitors
2012-Jubilee-Misc2_5 2012-Jubilee-Misc2_6 2012-Jubilee-Misc2_7 2012-Jubilee-Misc2_8 2012-Jubilee-Misc2_9 2012-Jubilee-Misc2_10

Jubilee Weekend 2012 (3 & 4 June)

We had a new frequent guest to the garden this weekend - and it just kept coming back - even in the rain.
2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_1 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_2 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_3 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_14 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_15 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_16 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_7 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_8 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_9 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_10 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_11 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_11

And as usual for a UK bank holiday weekend... it rained.

Long exposures with large f-stop.

2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_13 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_14 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_15 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_16 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_17 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_18 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_19 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_20 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_21 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_22 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_23 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_241

Shorter exposures with smaller f-stop.

2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_25 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_26 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_27 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_28 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_29 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_30 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_31

And it even came back at dusk.
2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_32 2012-Jubilee-Jackdaw_33

We also had the regular visitors.
2012-Jubilee-Misc_1 2012-Jubilee-Misc_2 2012-Jubilee-Misc_3 2012-Jubilee-Misc_4 2012-Jubilee-Misc_5 2012-Jubilee-Misc_6 2012-Jubilee-Misc_7 2012-Jubilee-Misc_8 2012-Jubilee-Misc_9 2012-Jubilee-Misc_10 2012-Jubilee-Misc_11