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Garden Birds (2011)

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We do leave food and water out for the birds and do occasionally get to witness the magpies washing when my camera is to hand...

Magpie_1-1 Magpie_1-2 Magpie_1-3

Magpies using water to soften the stale bread
Magpie_2-1 Magpie_2-2 Magpie_2-3 Magpie_2-4

I got loads of shots when this bird was washing
Magpie_3-1 Magpie_3-2 Magpie_3-3 Magpie_3-4 Magpie_3-5 Magpie_3-6

Misc other shots - mostly action shots...(taken from behind patio doors - hence some reflections)
Misc_1-1 Misc_1-2 Misc_1-3 Misc_1-4 Misc_1-5 Misc_1-6 Misc_1-7 Misc_1-8 Misc_1-9 Misc_1-10 Misc_1-11 Misc_1-13 Misc_1-14 Misc_1-15 Misc_1-16 Misc_1-17 Misc_1-18 Misc_1-19 Misc_1-20 Misc_1-21 Misc_1-32 Misc_1-33 Misc_1-34 Misc_1-35 Misc_1-36 Misc_1-37 Misc_1-38 Misc_1-39 Misc_1-40 Misc_1-31 Misc_1-32